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Fire TV TroubleshootingUpdated 3 months ago

*Most Fire TV problems can be solved by restarting your Fire TV.*


How to restart your Fire TV:

  • Fire TV: Go to Settings, select System, then Power, then System Restart. 

You can also unplug the Fire TV device/TV from the power source, wait 5-10 seconds, and then reconnect it.

Hover over the Settings icon and select My Fire TV.

Scroll down and choose Restart.

*If a restart doesn’t help, your software may be the problem. Fire TV software updates usually happen automatically in the background, but sometimes the process doesn’t work and you may have to manually update it.*


Fire TV updating steps: 

1. Check for software updates on your Fire TV by navigating through [Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for updates]. If your device finds an update, click 'Install Update'.

Hover over the Settings icon and select My Fire TV.How to Update FireStick to the Latest Version (2022) - Fire Stick Tricksupdate firestick

2. Next, restart your Fire TV [Settings > My Fire TV > Restart] and your mobile device if you are casting.


If you're still experiencing issues after following the steps above, please reach out to the support team.

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