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Donations vs PIF

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How Do I Manage My PIF?

"PIF" Pay it Forward is managed by Angel Studios. For information please click here: The Chosen PIF. Donations are handled through the Come and See Foundation and are tax-deductible depending on your state or country's tax laws.  See Donation FAQ for

Donations vs PIF

The Come and See Foundation is a non-profit foundation where your tax-deductible donation is matched dollar-for-dollar to support the production, marketing & translation of The Chosen. "Pay it Forward" is an optional method of payment to Angel Studio

Is Donation Considered PIF?

Donating to the Come and See Foundation is not “paying it forward.”. PIF is a method of optional contribution to Angel Studios, not a donation. Our new partnership with the Come and See Foundation allows you to make a one-time or monthly tax-deductib

Will My Monthly PIF “Roll Over” To CAS?

For any questions regarding your previous PIF please contact Angel Studios here. Pay-It-Forward contributions are not tax-deductible donations, and if you had a former automatic monthly pay it forward amount, it will not automatically roll over to th