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How Can I Share The Chosen?

Thank you so much for wanting to tell your friends and family about The Chosen!. You can share The Chosen on your social media accounts by following. You can also share by clicking the first Share button below each episode, you can send a link to fri

I'm Not Getting Emails

We are sorry you aren't getting emails with updates. Make sure the emails aren't going to your spam/junk folder. This example will be for Gmail, but most emails should have a similar process. 1. Click on "More" this will change the name to "Less" and

Is It Always Free?

You can access The Chosen free through these channels:.

When Will The Chosen Be Available In My Language?

How To Watch The Chosen

There are many ways to enjoy The Chosen with free access

What Streaming Devices Can I Use With The App?

The Chosen app can be downloaded directly on the following streaming devices:. Casting supported devices. MY DEVICE ISN'T ON THIS LIST:. If you don't happen to have one of these devices, then casting isn't going to work for you right now. We do have